Staðlaráð Íslands

The Icelandic Council for Standardization (STRÍ) was established in 1987 as a subcommittee under the board of the Technological Institute of Iceland.

In 1992 Alþingi (the Althing, – Parliament) passed a law on standards making STRÍ an independent association whose role is the publication of Icelandic standards and the representation of Iceland in international and regional standards bodies.

Three sectorial standardization organizations operate under the auspices of STRÍ: BSTR, in the building sector, FUT, in the information technology sector, and RST in the electrotechnical sector.

Since 1988, STRÍ has been a member og the European standards bodies CEN and CENELEC and has participated in INSTA, the internordic cooperation on standardization. STRÍ is also a member of ISO.

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